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Do you want to break out of the constraints of traditional research paradigms and programs?

Can you devote one day per week (funded) to participate in a new approach to biomedical research?

An approach that has high potential to yield projects that will have clear impact on medical science, scientists, clinicians, and patients?

Join Catalyst, a pioneering a program for research-driven biomedical innovation

Catalyst accelerates and heightens the potential impact of biomedical research on health technology. Catalyst Fellows collaborate with one another and with practicing professionals in areas relevant to healthcare to identify and develop a new biomedical research projects.

In collaboration with other Fellows, and guided by a multidisciplinary faculty team from academia, medicine, and industry, you will—

  • identify compelling unmet medical needs, unconstrained by the limitations of a single lab or research organization;
  • devise a set of possible new solutions;
  • meet with stakeholders—those who might ultimately utilize the outcome of the research—to ensure that the solutions are practical and appropriate;
  • narrow down to the most promising, and do a proof of concept; and
  • explore further funding opportunities for those projects found to have greatest potential for impact.

Catalyst advantages


Focused on real-world medical innovation opportunities


Collaboration across medicine, technology, and business


Catalyst Innovation Method accelerates impact

Spring 2020 at MIT

MIT linQ and the VA Health Care are partnering to solutions that improve patient outcomes by addressing high priority focus areas: Access, safety, and Mental Health. Learn more


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Catalyst is a program of MIT linQ, a collaborative initiative increasing the potential of innovative biomedical research to benefit society and the economy. linQ’s portfolio of innovation programs demonstrates a new paradigm for biomedical research and training

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